• July 19, 2024

10 Cars Eligible For US Import In 2024

We know the Ultima GTR has been sold in the US as a kit car for several years, requiring state-by-state approval on the build to see it eligible for road use. But there’s an alternate way of getting this Le Mans-prototype-styled machine in your driveway now that 25 years is about to elapse since it entered into production in 1999.

Designed by Lee Noble (from Noble Automotive above), it was a mid-engined RWD sports car that looked like a Le Mans racer. Available with nearly half a dozen engines in its time from a 5.7-liter Ford V8 to a 7.0-liter American Speed V8, power ranged from 345 hp to 720 hp depending on the model. Because of its remarkably low weight (a tubeframe chassis with fiberglass bodywork will always be light), it was a record-setting machine, claiming records for the fastest 0-60 mph sprint (2.6 seconds), fastest 0-100 mph (5.3 seconds), fastest 30-70 mph (1.8 seconds), fastest road car over a quarter mile (9.9 seconds @ 143 mph), and more.

It’s not our first pick, but hey, it is eligible, and that’s what counts.

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