• July 16, 2024

2023 Tech Round-Up: The Best New Technology Of The Year

Over the course of 2023, CarBuzz has unearthed several new patents detailing the technology of tomorrow’s automotive industry, some of which have explored ways to prolong the life of the combustion engine while others have targeted increased practicality. Some have also been wacky, covering subjects like shapeshifting wheels, joystick steering controls, and color-changing headlight lenses. We’ve also seen an unexpected increase in patents for suicide doors, with both coming from mainstream automakers that want to steal market share from more prestigious brands.

This list will cover how Porsche is making the combustion engine more efficient, how Ford is reinventing the humble truck bed, how Ferrari is reimagining car control, and how the cars of tomorrow will become more aerodynamically efficient than ever, among many other topics.

All of the patents linked and discussed here (with the exception of one mention of a Lamborghini development) have been discovered and broken by CarBuzz this calendar year.

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