• July 21, 2024

24 Animal-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions for 2024

As we stand on the cusp of a new year, the promise of a fresh start invites us to reflect on the impact of our daily choices, not only on our own lives but also on those of our fellow animals. What better way to kick off 2024 than by committing to resolutions that extend our compassion to everyone? To help you with your goals, here are 24 easy New Year’s resolutions that are all about helping animals.

1. Go vegan: This one simple resolution will have the most impact because going vegan spares the lives of about 200 animals each year as well as being better for your health and the planet.

2. Attend a protest: Show your support by attending a PETA demonstration or holding your own.

3. Engage in everyday activism by placing vegan starter kits and stickers in public spaces: Join PETA’s Action Team and you’ll receive a free activist starter kit with leaflets, posters, stickers, and other materials you can use to educate others in creative ways.

4. Join PETA’s text list to save animals without leaving home: When you sign up for PETA’s text list, you’ll receive updates on important campaigns and exciting victories, and you’ll be able to take action easily by responding with only a word or a letter.

5. Try a new vegan restaurant near you: HappyCow can help you find vegan restaurants to try in your area. If there aren’t any near you, order the vegan option at your favorite local spot or ask it to add one to the menu. It’s even better if you leave a positive review to help spread the word.

6. Support Black-owned vegan businesses: You can use your power as a consumer to support Black-owned vegan businesses, from beauty brands to restaurants.

7. Visit a reputable animal sanctuary: Learn how to identify a legitimate animal sanctuary, and visit one with your friends or family.

8. Spend more quality time with your animal companions: Whether it’s going for more walks or spending additional time playing, your dogs and cats are sure to appreciate more quality time with you.

9. Run the 2024 NYC Half marathon with the PETA Pack: If running a half marathon is already on your list of resolutions, why not raise money to help animals while you’re at it?

10. Volunteer at a local animal shelter: Chances are your local animal shelter could use some help, so spend time volunteering there this year.

11. Be more eco-friendly: Going vegan is already a great way to become more eco-friendly, and you can also reduce your impact on the planet by cutting down on single-use plastics and buying from more sustainable brands.

12. Read some inspiring books: Reading more is on most people’s list of resolutions. How about one of these books about animals?

Reading Animalkind Book

13. Try a new vegan recipe every week: PETA offers tons of free vegan recipes. We have options for everything from breakfast to dessert. Whip one up and post about it on Instagram—and be sure to tag @peta.

14. Commit to buying only vegan clothing: Check the tags on the clothes you buy, and ditch anything made of wool, leather, silk, cashmere, and everything else obtained by harming animals.

15. Go cruelty-free: Buy only vegan cosmetics, personal-care items, and household products, which are never tested on animals. Search PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies database to find them.

16. Host a dinner party with vegan food: Connect with friends over a vegan meal to show them how delicious animal-friendly food is.

17. Follow vegan influencers: Vegan influencers are sharing recipes, new products, restaurant reviews, and animal activism tips on platforms from TikTok to Instagram. Follow them to make your feed more inspiring.

18. Recommend a vegan restaurant to a friend: Have a favorite vegan restaurant? Suggest it to a friend, or snap a photo of your meal and share it on social media—and be sure to tag the restaurant.

19. Travel with animals in mind: If you’re traveling this year, factor animals into your plans. You can stay at a vegan hotel, opt for accommodations that use down-free bedding, book a vegan food tour, and stay away from tourist attractions that exploit animals. And if you’re traveling with your animal companions, make sure you know how to keep them safe and happy in the air or on the road.

vegan airport survival guide and top travel tips from PETA with plane silhouette flying toward sun

20. Try recipes from a new vegan cookbook: There are plenty of to choose from that can give you meal inspiration. Pick one to get started and try out the recipes that sound the most mouthwatering to you.

21. Send a free vegan starter kit to a friend: Have vegan-curious friends? Help them stick to their resolution to help animals by sending them a free vegan starter kit.

22. Attend a vegan food festival: Vegandale, a food fest with events in six cities; the weekly Vegan Exchange in North Hollywood, California; or SEED Food & Wine Week in Miami are just a few examples of the many vegan food festivals happening in 2024. Find one near you and bring a few friends for a day of tasty, animal-free fare.

23. Go through your closet and donate any old fur items: Did you know that PETA will take your donated fur items and give them to unhoused people or ship them to refugees in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria? Help bring warmth to those who need it.

24. Donate to help save lives: You can support PETA’s crucial work with just one click of a button. Our fieldworkers are out 365 days a year, providing animals in need with food, water, and shelter. Your support makes our work possible. ❤️

Fluffy Is on Cloud Nine With New Guardians

With help from PETA fieldworkers, a formerly penned and matted dog named Fluffy from North Carolina has found a new adoptive home.

Make 2024 a year to remember by sticking to these easy resolutions to help animals, improve your health, and heal the planet.

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