• July 16, 2024

A Pregnant Horse Was Caught in a War Zone

As a pregnant horse painfully discovered when her hoof landed on an explosive device, landmines can’t discriminate between a soldier, a civilian, or an animal. Watch as PETA-supported teams rush to care for Maria’s ghastly wound—even as bombs tear apart her home.

Specialists will bring pregnant horse Maria through one more hoof surgery before fitting her with a special soft prosthetic. By the time her foal is born next spring, sweet Maria will have a new hoof!

Rescued in Ukraine: How We’ve Been Helping Animals

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, PETA Germany and its partners have been on the ground building a robust network of rescue workers, volunteers, and activists to help as many animals as they possibly can. You can support this work through PETA’s Global Compassion Fund.

PETA’s Global Compassion Fund is moving mountains for animals in Ukraine:

  • Teams have rescued more than 13,000 animals—and counting!
  • Cats, dogs, horses, and other animals are receiving more than 40 tons of food each month.
  • A spay/neuter program is now providing free surgeries to 150 animals every month.
  • Beautiful safe spaces—like this cat refuge—are being maintained for around 1,300 animals in Kharkiv, where a PETA-supported clinic treats 80 to 100 seriously injured or sick animals every day.

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