• July 21, 2024

Apple Could Boost The Audio Performance On The Next iPhone To Help Siri: What We Know

Last Updated: December 10, 2023, 09:00 IST

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 16 is rumored to launch with exclusive AI features.

Apple is planning to boost Siri with power of AI on the iPhone 16 models and a new mic will help deliver those results.

Apple iPhone 16 is shaping up to be a hard-core AI device as per reports and the company wants to give Siri, its voice assistant a new lease of life. iPhone 16 series will have a new Ai chipset from the company that is in line with the demands and the trends of the industry.

And now, it is being suggested that Apple wants to enhance the audio performance of the iPhone 16 models which could directly benefit the use of Siri for iPhone users. The details given by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo talk about Apple upgrading the microphones on the iPhone 16 series that will be launching around September 2024.

Siri clearly is a darling at Apple and its AI avatar will be looking to compete with Bard and ChatGPT among others. But the decision to upgrade the mics has more than one benefit. iPhone 16 users can expect better voice calls, audio quality boost for videos and more. Having them equipped with better noise cancelling capability will also help Siri understand and respond to queries better and faster.

The new upgrade will invariably come at a cost, and like every iPhone model launching these days, the new hardware could push the price of the iPhones further. The next iPhones will have few more upgrades, including the revamped Action button which could transition to a solid-state button on all the models of the iPhone 16 series. There is a strong expectation that Apple could ditch the Pro Max moniker in favour of the iPhone 16 Ultra next year, and we’re keen to see if that change comes through.

The next iPhone lineup could use the A17 Pro bionic chip from the start but more importantly, Apple is banking on its production support from India to help build the iPhones for the coming years and allow the brand to reduce its dependence on China for manufacturing its products.

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