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Best PS5 deals: Get a PS5 Slim and get a FREE game included

Best PS5 deals: Want the latest Sony Playstation without paying full price? (Image: SONY • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

If you’ve been on the lookout for the best PS5 deals in the UK, look no further!

After months of PS5 stock issues, the fifth-generation Sony Playstation is now widely-available in-store and online …and there are some of the best PS5 deals and discounts since it launched back in 2020.  

Most recently, Sony itself lowered the price tag of the PS5 by as much as £100 as part of its annual Summer Sale. Unfortunately, that deal came to an end in August 2023, so you might struggle to find a deal quite as good as that.

But that’s not to say there aren’t any PS5 deals available. In the meantime, popular UK retailers like Amazon, GAME, AO, Currys and more have launched their own offers and bundles on the Sony PS5.

The best PS5 deal we have found at the moment is from Very who is offering a range of great PS5 bundles for jus over £519. 

The best bundle we have found is a PS5 console including Spider-Man 2 for £519 which is a good offer before Christmas.

Other places like Amazon and EE Store are also price-matching so you can get quick and speedy delivery from both retailers.

Below are just some of the top deals we’ve unearthed, but depending on what you’re looking for, you might want to choose a different offer. Argos shoppers can pick up their console from their nearest branch and have it in their house the same day. Meanwhile, Amazon provides next-day delivery thanks to its Amazon Prime service and Very offers easy payment options for you to choose from if you want to spread the cost.

Fancy buying an Xbox instead? You can find out about the best Xbox deals including the Xbox Series X and Series S.

The best PS5 deals you can get right now

Video Games - Sony PlayStation 5 Stock Photos

PS5 (Image: Getty)

As we mentioned, Very has the best deals around for the PS5 including Spider-Man 2 with the newest PS5 Slim console.

Very is also offering a FREE game which is Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3: Slime Speedway for just £479 but you might want to avoid the game and pay a bit extra.

Our PS5 review gave the console five stars and praised the speedy loading times, stunning visuals and a game-changing controller.

Whether you’re playing the latest PlayStation exclusive, third-party bestseller, or indie hit …gaming on the PS5 is an absolute joy.

Everything is buttery-smooth, the controller is responsive and immersive, and the dashboard is functional and stable. Rounding out the experience is support for streamers like Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video as well as Blu-Ray playback with the optical drive and a sleek new remote control for those who will rely on this ninth-generation console for their next binge-watch. 

With more games set to launch in the coming months that harness the latest development techniques, like Unreal Engine 5, to upgrade their visuals and take full advantage of the processing grunt inside the PlayStation 5, and more developers adding compatibility with the PS5 controller …there’s no better time to upgrade to the latest console from Sony. 

Will there be Sony PS5 sales for Black Friday 2023?

Evidentiary Hearing Held In San Francisco As FTC Seeks Injunction In Microsoft And Activision Blizzard Merger

Could you get a cheaper PS5 during Black Friday? (Image: Getty)

This is a question on everyone’s minds. With the Playstation Summer Sale taking the PS5 down to its lowest price ever, could we see the same – or even more of a discount – during Black Friday 2023?

Well, the Playstation Summer Sale runs from 00.00am local time Wednesday, July 19, until 23.59pm local time on Wednesday, August 16. That means all PS5 bundles and offers are set to end – meaning you won’t be able to get a PS5 on the cheap any longer. 

Most consoles should go back up to the standard retail price of £479.99 but we should see prices settle to £469.99. 

Black Friday is set to take place on Friday, November 24, 2023 and this could mean PS5 consoles will become even cheaper than they were during the Summer Sale. 

It’s very hard to predict but we could see similar offers during Black Friday to what we have seen during the Summer Sale or Black Friday could mark even cheaper prices than what we saw in July. 

Either way, it’s good news for people who have held out until now to buy a PS5 or want to buy one for a family member or friend. 2023 is set to be a great year to get a PS5 for the cheapest price you have ever seen on the market.

What is the best place to order a PS5?

If you want to buy a PS5, it all depends on your goals – whether or not that is getting the console fast or waiting for the best possible price. 

Obviously if you want the best price, it’s worth holding out for special retail events such as Sony’s Summer Sale, Black Friday or Cyber Monday which sees major deals on tech and PS5 consoles.

But if you want something right now, Amazon is notorious for extremely fast next-day shipping thanks to its Prime delivery and sometimes offers the best and most competitive prices. 

Amazon also has some of the best bundles around and are a reliable retailer with great prices and quick shipping for gamers. You also have the piece of mind of easy returns and great customer service if things go wrong. 

But its worth keeping an eye out on retailers such as Currys and ShopTo who regularly compete with Amazon and do cheap offers on consoles and bundles.

Or regularly keep an eye on this article as our handy widgets and eagle-eyed writers will regularly update where the best deals are.

Are PS5s still hard to get in the UK?

Playstation Takeover Of London Tube Stops For PS5 Launch

Massive online and physical lines for the PS5 are now a thing of the past (Image: Getty)

If you were one of the first people trying to get a PS5, you might have remembered how hard it was to get a console.

For almost a year, you were forced to wait for consoles to come in stock or you had to pay more than £100 to £200 extra on the second-hand market to get one.

But now in 2023, that has changed and there’s so much stock that you don’t need to worry about getting one.

The good news is that you can even get a PS5 at a much larger discount because from retailers like GAME, Amazon and more. And Sony has recently said that it plans to increase the amount of PS5 stock.

Before the launch of the PSVR2, Sony declared it would be delivering a “increased” supply of consoles to retailers so you don’t need to worry about finding a console any time soon.

The best PS5 Slim deals

The PS5 Slim is here and is set to release on November 29 in the UK and pre-orders are now open across multiple retailers. The new slim version of the console is set to be 30 per cent smaller and have a much smaller form factor compared to the older PS5.

The good news is we won’t be losing any of the power or tech that is including in the old PS5 and for those that own the old PS5, you won’t be missing out on improvements as it runs the exact same.

If you’re looking for the best PS5 Slim deals, we’ve looked for the best prices around so you won’t spend too much on your new console.

Be aware: many of the new PS5 Slim prices won’t be as good as original PS5 prices due to how recently it was released.

Either way, the best deal for the PS5 Slim is currently from Very who is selling the PS5 Slim and Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3: Slime Speedway for £479 – meaning you get a free game.

Very is also selling other game bundles with the PS5 Slim including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and other new games but you’ll be paying a high price.

Should I buy a PS5 Slim or a original PS5?

If you have been wondering which console to buy after the release of the new PS5, don’t worry as you might think its confusing with there being two consoles for you to buy.

Don’t worry though because depending which one you decide to buy – it doesn’t really make a huge difference. That’s because both consoles have the same hardware inside them, meaning they will run your games exactly the same.

The only real difference is the size of the consoles. The PS5 Slim is significantly smaller than the original PS5 so if space is a really big problem for you, the PS5 Slim is your best choice.

When it comes to price, both consoles are currently being sold for a relatively same price after Black Friday so you won’t be getting the original PS5 for any major price drops before Christmas.

But it is worth keeping an eye out because the PS5 original console does see massive discounts and we could see some great Boxing Day deals as 2024 approaches.

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