• July 21, 2024

China-U.S. counternarcotics authorities resume regular communication

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday announced that the counternarcotics authorities of China and the U.S. are resuming regular communication.

Speaking at a regular press conference, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin pointed out that carrying out counternarcotics cooperation is one of the important common understandings reached between the two presidents during their meeting in San Francisco.

To deliver on that, the U.S. side has lifted sanctions on relevant Chinese law enforcement institutes while China has been engaged in campaigns against fentanyl and its precursors, and cracked down on illegal and criminal activities involving the smuggling, illicit manufacturing, trafficking and abuse of fentanyl-related substances, Wang stressed.

According to the spokesperson, China has carried out a sweeping inspection of key businesses, personnel and equipment and has been working to clean up information about online sales of fentanyl, and strictly prevent the smuggling and trafficking of relevant chemical substances to protect people’s physical and mental health. 

The Chinese side has notified the U.S. side of the progress made in U.S.-related law enforcement operations against narcotics, Wang noted, adding that China has responded to the U.S. request for verifying clues on certain cases and actions taken.

The two sides are in close communication on setting up a working group on counternarcotics cooperation, he added.

Wang also said that resuming China-U.S. counternarcotics cooperation has not come easy and needs to be doubly cherished by both sides. 

He voiced the hope that the U.S. side will show sincerity, work with China in the same direction and continue to carry out practical counternarcotics cooperation based on mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit.

(Cover: Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin speaks at a regular press conference in Beijing, China, December 22, 2023. /Chinese Foreign Ministry)

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