• July 21, 2024

Cleaning hack to quickly freshen up the oven – only need lemon and water

Ideal for a gentle refresh, this cleaning hack for the oven only involves two natural ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen.

Owner of the TikTok channel Jess – of Home, Cleaning and Hacks – shared her “simple way” to make the oven smell clean and get rid of dirt.

First, add one-and-a-half cups of water to an oven-proof dish, then pop in a couple of sliced lemons.

Place the lemon water in a hot oven (220C) for 20 minutes, then allow the oven to cool slightly.

Remove the lemons, then dampen a cloth with the lemon water and wipe the oven floors, walls, racks and door.

Disgruntled visitors to the TikTok channel aired their concerns after watching the whole video. One commenter, Tracey Wyeth, complained: “Your oven isn’t dirty.” Another, FatherOfThreeDenmark, exclaimed: “Wow… did you just clean a perfectly clean oven?”

In response, Jess stressed that her lemon-water cleaning hack is “an oven refresh” and it makes the oven “smell and nice” and helps to “wipe away any light dirt”.

Jess emphasised her cleaning hack is not suitable for “burnt-on foods”, which would require a different method.

For a more soiled oven, Charlotte at Care Cleaning Services revealed the “easiest and most effective way to clean your oven”.

Using Easy-Off Oven, an oven and BBQ cleaner solution, business owner Charlotte got her tools ready to show how easy the job can be.

Donning a pair of protective gloves, and showing off a non-scratch washing-up sponge and microfibre cloths, Charlotte was ready. “Firstly take out all of your racks,” instructed Charlotte, except the side racks, which she finds easier to leave inside of the oven.

“And spray everything that you see in the oven,” Charlotte added. “You’re going to want to leave that to sit for half an hour.”

Afterwards, come back and wipe the racks with the non-scratch sponge, and you will see the dirt lift immediately.

“It’s so satisfying,” said Charlotte, who went on to scrub the inside of the oven. Finish off by buffing the oven with the microfibre cloths.

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