• July 21, 2024

‘Counter-intuitive’ method restores jumpers that have shrunk in wash

The despair of pulling shrunken knitwear out of the wash is a wadrobe relic that many people dread, yet it is still all too common.

Certain natural fibres – such as wool and cotton – are more likely to shrink than others when subjected to excess moisture or heat and agitation.

Thus, maintaining the shape and size of our favourite knits can be a seemingly impossible task when they spend so much time in the washing machine.

Fortunately, one minimal-effort hack that was shared by Violet Witchel, (@violet.cooks) racked up more than 1600 likes on TikTok after proving effective.

“If you accidentally put a wool or cotton cashmere sweater in the wash on hot and it shrinks up, this is my trick to get it back to normal,” the content creator told viewers.

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“Start by super generously spraying in wrinkle releaser, this will loosen the fibres. Then take a steamer. Put it on the highest setting and steam with tension.”

The content creator demonstrated the steps on one of her misshapen jumpers, slowly moving down from the top in vertical lines.  

“You want to go slowly and repeat this process in all four directions,” she explained. “It seems counter-intuitive to add more heat, but trust me it works.”

The results confirmed these claims, as her jumper enlarged with just a few strokes of the steamer and quickly returned to its original size.

Violet continued: “Repeat the process on all sides of the sweater and in all directions and give it a good shake once you’re done.” 

Viewers rushed to the comments to praise the content creator for the tip. One wrote: “What a great idea.” 

Another confirmed that they would also put the method to the test after their “sweet daughter” had shrunk their clothes while trying to help out.

The expert-backed method is one of many that offers chances for your knits to return to their original shape and size. The rule of thumb, however, is to take action quickly enough so that your garments are still able to extend.

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