• July 21, 2024

Diablo 4 Midwinter Blight release TIME, date, rewards and how to access | Gaming | Entertainment

Diablo 4 developer Blizzard is about to release the game’s Midwinter Blight seasonal event on PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Diablo 4’s Midwinter Blight event has a December 12 release date and a 6pm GMT UK launch time. The event runs all the way until January 2, which means there’s plenty of time to unlock all of the new rewards. It’s unclear if the event will launch alongside an update, so keep checking back for the latest details and potential Midwinter Blight patch notes.

In terms of the event, the Midwinter Blight tasks players with making Sanctuary that little bit more festive.

Players can access the event by visiting Midwinter Square in Kyovashad and speaking with Gileon, the bard. Gileon will send players on a quest to defeat enemies in order to collect loot and upgrade the square with festive decorations.

Blizzard explains more: “Even in Sanctuary, festivities require a proper venue, and Gileon has set you off on the right path. There’s just one problem—the Midwinter Square begins without decorations.

“It will be up to you to reinvigorate the square with that special holiday essence (and warmth) by upgrading it to its full potential.

As part of the event, players will visit Fractured Peaks and defeat pale blue Blightfiends in order to collect their Blighted Fragments.

You’ll also need to defeat Frigid Husks to recover Lost Heirlooms, all the while putting an end to the Blighted Revelry.

Players strong enough to survive the Blighted Revelry will have a chance to face the Red-Cloaked Horror for additional rewards.

Speaking of rewards, players can earn 18 festive items by taking part in Midwinter Blight.

You can earn exclusive items by collecting Blighted Fragments, Lost Heirlooms and other resources. You can trade the resources by visiting the Collections Table at Midwinter Square, where you can pick up Midwinter Proofs.

“These icy tokens of valor can be traded for a variety of rewards, such as: a Mount Trophy, Class-specific Back Trophies, Weapon Cosmetics, the Shard of Dawn Offensive Legendary Aspect, Gileon’s Brew (this stuff is potent and delicious), and more,” Blizzard adds.

The Midwinter Blight event is available in the Seasonal Realm at World Tier I or above.

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