• July 21, 2024

Experts disclose the right temperature to wash bedding to kill winter germs

Washing bedding is a household chore that can easily be postponed, but maintaining clean sheets is crucial for both comfort and hygiene.

Farah Arshad, Head of Product at DUSK, offered advice on caring for bedding to properly get rid of germs, and in turn, feel more comfortable.

She said: “Clean bedding is not only key for your comfort but also your hygiene.

“When you sleep your body releases natural oils and sweat which get transferred onto your bed sheets.

“So, just as you wash your clothes regularly, it’s as important to maintain the cleanliness of your bedding.”

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For washing, set the temperature of your washing machine between 85 – 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is optimal for effectively removing dirt, body oils, and killing bacteria while protecting the fibres.

This temperature not only cleans sheets effectively but also helps preserve their quality for a more comfortable feel.

Dust mites, pet hair, and allergens accumulate on sheets over time, causing potential skin or allergic reactions, and regular washing can help reduce irritants.

It’s generally recommended to wash sheets twice a month, but if sick or experiencing allergy symptoms, more frequent washing may be necessary.

Farah emphasised: “In terms of how often you should be washing your sheets, it is generally recommended that you wash them twice a month.

“However, if you have been sick or are experiencing an increase in allergy symptoms you may want to wash them sooner.”

For drying, air drying or using a low setting on a tumble dryer is advised, as prolonged exposure to high heat can damage fabric fibres.

Investing in two sets of sheets allows for a quick change without the pressure of washing and drying on the same day.

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