• July 19, 2024

F1 Driver Liam Lawson’s Toyota Supra Is One Mean Machine

Lawson chose a different look for the wheels – a brushed aluminum face plus personal elements such as his race number on the barrel. The wheels are paired with semi-slick tires for extra grip. However, Lawson has stated that he might replace the wheels soon with a different set with a bronze/gold colorway to match the exterior paint better.

The BMW-sourced B58 engine under the hood has some modifications but is relatively tame. It’s paired with a custom exhaust, catless downpipe, ram air intake, and stage 2 tune with the MHD intake. Lawson says that the sports car produces around 450 wheel horsepower.

Lawson’s Supra isn’t in its final form yet. He stated that he does have plans for more modifications down the line. But as it is, this build looks neat, matching Lawson’s short but sweet stint on the F1 grid.

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