• July 16, 2024

Godzilla Drag Race: Tuned Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Vs. Nissan GT-R R35

Compared to the 2001 R34 Skyline GT-R, the estimated tuning cost is around £50,000 ($63,6234). For that price, the car – built by Alfimar Motors and tuned by Mike at SRD Tuning – gets a 2.8-liter RB28 turbocharged inline-six tuned to make 890 hp. Matched to the power unit are HKS 280 camshafts, Garrett G40-1150 turbocharger, 1,300cc injectors, a Link G4+ ECU, and a Ross Performance R34 cam/crank trigger kit, among other serious upgrades.

Does having a more expensive and powerful build mean faster quarter-mile runs? Based on the first run in a roll race setup, it doesn’t. The R35 won the round comfortably, with the R34 owner having difficulties finding the fourth gear in his stock six-speed manual gearbox. He did get a better start in the second round, but the R35’s performance is always repeatable.

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