• July 21, 2024

Google Photos Now Has A Better Rival And It Promises To Keep Your Photos Secure

Last Updated: December 09, 2023, 10:00 IST

This photos app works on Android and encrypts all the content

Google Drive lets you save files, photos and videos but the privacy feature isn’t the best in the market and users now have another option.

Android users have relied heavily on apps like Google Photos to store and recreate their memories. In fact, some of the iPhone users prefer to use Google’s photos platform instead of Apple’s app. But now, Android users have more reasons to consider other apps for storing their photos, especially when they are promising better security for your content.

Proton is a known mailing client that offers high-level privacy for its users, and now its own version of Google Drive gets a new update that lets you automatically back up and manage all the photos residing on your phone.

Proton Drive is also the exception when it comes to providing end-to-end encryption for all the files, something that Google and Microsoft’s Drive platforms don’t offer. Proton Drive will get a dedicated Photos tab where all your existing and new photos/videos will be automatically backed up, which wasn’t happening earlier. The photos update is available only for Android users right now, and it is likely that iPhone users will also get the option in the coming months.

The only major difference between Proton Drive and Google Drive is that the former only offers free storage of up to 1GB which isn’t going to be enough for anyone these days. The next viable option for consumers is to go for the 200GB plan that comes for $4.99 (Rs 400 approx) per month and the 500GB plan costs $12.99 (Rs 1,040 approx).

But some of you might agree that the added security benefits might work out to be cheaper for the overall package from Proton Drive. For comparison, Google Drive has a 100GB plan that costs Rs 130 per month, iCloud for Apple users get 50GB storage for $0.99 (Rs 83 approx) going up to $2.99 (Rs 240 approx) per month for the 200GB plan.

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