• July 19, 2024

Have cutlery looking as ‘good as new’ with easy cleaning hack

One of her cleaning hacks for Christmas is to give cutlery a “lovely bath” with key ingredients.

Lynsey Queen of Clean posted: “Polish up your silverware for Christmas dining. Don’t spoil a delicious Christmas dinner with tarnished silverware.”

First, place tin foil at the bottom of the kitchen sink, then place all your cutlery on top.

Next, add boiled water onto the cutlery and tin foil, followed by salt and bicarbonate of soda.

This “fabulous” mixture transforms tarnished and rusty cutlery into looking “lovely and shiny, and looking as good as new”.

While the water, salt and bicarbonate of soda mixture is working its magic, wipe down the cutlery drawer.

Do note that for the salt bath to work well, do leave silverware in it for around 15 minutes.

By the little time it takes to have the drawer cleaned, the cutlery is ready to be dried with a lint-free cloth. One fan, Rebecca Shinton, wrote on Facebook: “Fab. Thanks, Lynsey. Always great tips.”

Another, Michelle McKane, said Lynsey’s Christmas cleaning hack is a “must-try”.

For those who are concerned about the hassle of washing up burnt and dirty pans, Lynsey has another Christmas cleaning hack.

“Who has time for scrubbing dirty, burnt pans over the Christmas period?” she asked. “You can rescue them quickly and save yourself lots of scrubbing time by adding in a used tea bag.”

Lynsey recommends filling the burnt pan with hot water and a tea bag, leave to enjoy dinner, then once you come back, the burnt bits “will disappear before your eyes”.

One Facebook fan, Fiona McLeod, wrote: “The good old teabag tip is million percent incredible every single time. Thank you, Lynsey.”

Maggie De-silver revealed she tried the cleaning hack “last night” and it “worked great”. Sue Stafford agreed: “It definitely works!” And Angela Bonar wrote: “Thanks for all the tips.”

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