• July 19, 2024

How to keep ants out of your home permanently: All you need is 3 cheap kitchen ingredients

Ants can be an annoyance in the summer and if they are not dealt with quickly they can soon become an infestation, but it can be easy to get rid of them using only a few kitchen staples.

It may seem obvious to buy a pesticide to deal with these pests but not only can this be expensive but chemical ant killers can be unsafe to have in the home, especially if you have children or pets.  

Instead, Michelle Marine, a sustainable lifestyle expert and founder of Simplify Live Love has shared that after trying out many homemade ant traps she discovered a very “effective” one that “actually works” to kill ants naturally. 

Michelle said: “There are several homemade ant trap solutions out there, but I haven’t had good luck with most of them. 

“I like solutions that use simple ingredients, frugal, and natural. This DIY ant bait isn’t toxic to humans but is deadly to ants!”

The best way to get rid of ants naturally 

If you look online there are some homemade remedies to keep ants away, with some of the most popular being white vinegar, lemon juice, cinnamon, peppermint or bay leaves. 

These solutions work as repellants as they have incredibly strong scents that can mask an ant scent trail, which makes it more difficult for them to communicate, move about and search for food. 

Ants will likely avoid an area with a pungent smell as it disrupts and confuses them but these deterrents will likely only be a short-term solution as the scent will quickly fade, especially if is placed outdoors. 

If you wish to keep ants out of your home for good then it is much more effective to use a homemade solution made up of baking soda, yeast and sugar as it will kill them.

Sugar will act as bait to lure the ants while baking soda and yeast react to the acidic substances in an ant’s stomach which will produce carbon dioxide and the gas built up will cause the ant to swell then die. 

Michelle explained: “The sweet sugar attracts the ants and the baking soda essentially blows them up! The smell of yeast attracts ants. It also adds to the build-up of carbon dioxide in their digestive systems which kills the ants.” 

She added: “This baking soda-powdered sugar-yeast mixture has been the most effective homemade ant bait I’ve found.” 

All you need to do is mix one tablespoon of powdered sugar, one tablespoon of baking powder and then one teaspoon of dry active yeast in a container. 

Michelle said: “I usually put it in a yoghurt container lid or a mason jar lid. It makes clean up easier.”

Place the homemade ant bait near your doorstep or pour it in an area where you have seen a lot of ants, and can even place it near an anthill. 

Be careful not to put this solution on your lawn or in any flowerbeds as it can dry out the soil and dehydrate plants. 

This natural ant bait is safe to use around your home and is one of the best ways to kill ants to keep them away from your home permanently this summer. 

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