• July 21, 2024

How to remove carpet stains instantly with ‘better than carpet cleaner’ item

With Christmas done and dusted, one area of the home which may need a little attention is carpets.

Whether it be wine or food spilt on them, carpets can fall victim to stains this time of year and can seem almost impossible to remove.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman shared how she cleaned her parent’s carpet that was dirty and full of stains.

Instead of using a traditional carpet cleaner, Kelly Wright suggested that a degreaser works better.

She said: “So I saw a lady on here remove nasty stains from her carpet using Elbow Grease so I had to give this a go.

“I did this on my parents’ stairs and I’m extremely pleased with the results! 

“The method I used was using an empty bottle of Dr Beckmann carpet stain remover (it’s easy because you have your scrubber attached). 

“I then filled the bottle a quarterway with Elbow Grease and filled up the rest with hot water. I found this worked so much better than the carpet cleaner.

“I then squeegeed the carpet before hoovering and then scrubbing the stairs with the bottle and scrubber. And voila – the results were amazing. The stains disappeared instantly.

“I did go over it with hot water and a sponge afterwards just to rinse away the Elbow Grease.”

Group members were also fans of using Elbow Grease to clean their carpet and remove pesky stains.

Penny Sharp said: “I clean my beige/brown hall rug with the same. It is brilliant! I don’t soak it, I just lightly spray and rub it with a cloth. Stains disappear, amazing.”

This all-purpose cleaning spray has taken social media by storm and is a firm favourite of Mrs Hinch and her army of Hinchers.

The spray is perfect for removing tough stains from kitchen and bathroom surfaces, fabrics and carpets.

Elbow Grease can be picked up from B and M for £1.19 or at Tesco for £1.20. 

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