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How to Start A Conversation With Your Crush – Pro Tips for Every Situation

Starting a conversation with your crush can feel like a daunting task. You may feel awkward, be unsure of what to say, or fear making things weird. But don’t worry, with the right approach and a little confidence, you can start a really great conversation, feel confident, and have fun doing so! Wondering what to DM your crush on Instagram or what to talk about with your crush over text message? Not sure how to strike up a conversation with your crush in person or how to start a conversation with your crush through text? We’ve got you covered. 

How to Start A Conversation With Your Crush – Pro Tips for Every Situation

Buckle up, because we’re about to turn you into a conversation wizard! This section is your secret weapon and your guide to becoming a master of chit-chat with your crush in any situation. Whether it’s your BFF, a casual acquaintance, or that cutie you’ve been low-key stalking on Instagram, we’ve got your back! And hey, we’ve even got tips for those tricky situations! What if they’re already taken or are nursing a broken heart? Fret not! We’ve got the right tips to get you through. So, let’s dive in, and transform those cringe-worthy silences into flirty banter and deep conversations!

1. How to start a conversation with your crush through text

If you’re wondering how to talk to your crush, well, the easiest way is via texting! Texting is a fun, low-key, and less intimidating way to start talking to your crush. And what’s the best part? You don’t have to worry about eye contact! Here are some texts to start a conversation with your crush: 

  • “Hey, I noticed you’re a big fan of Taylor Swift. What’s your favorite song from her latest album?”
  • “I saw your pictures from your trip to the mountains. It looks amazing! What was your favorite part of the trip?”
  • “I just read this really interesting book and thought you might like it. Have you heard of [book title]?”

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2. How to start a conversation with your crush on Instagram

Wondering how to talk to your crush to have your first conversation? Well, if you don’t have their number, try striking up a conversation via Instagram! Instagram provides a casual, fun chat platform to start a conversation with your crush, gives you endless chances to comment on and compliment your crush, and is one of the best conversation starters. Here are some ideas to start talking on Instagram:

  • Respond to a story they posted: “That’s a great photo! Where was it taken?”
  • Comment on a post: “Your dog is adorable! What’s his name?”
  • Send a DM: “What a small world! I was just there last summer. How was your trip to the [place]?” 
You can start a text conversation over something you both have in common

3. How to start a conversation with your crush when you’re friends

If you’re already friends with your crush, you have a foundation to build on and you won’t feel silly complimenting them or cracking a joke. Plus, you won’t have to pretend to be cool. Here are some of the best ways to shift the conversation from friendly to flirty without worrying about what to talk about with your crush over text message:

  • “I’ve been thinking about our conversation about [topic] the other day. I’d love to know what you think of it” 
  • “I noticed you’ve been really interested in [hobby] lately. How did you get started with that?”
  • “We’ve been close friends for a while, but I realized I don’t know what your favorite movie is. So, what is it?”
  • “Which family member of yours is your favorite? I would say your mom. She’s the sweetest!”

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4. How to start a conversation with a crush you barely know

Starting a conversation with someone you barely know can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to figure out what to DM your crush on Instagram. But you can always start with small talk or a genuine compliment. Here are some tips if you keep wondering, “Should I DM my crush on Instagram?”:

  • “I noticed you reading at school. What’s your opinion on [Books’s name]?” 
  • “I see you at the gym all the time. Got any tips for a good workout?”
  • “We haven’t had a chance to talk much, but I’d love to get to know you better.” 
  • “How cool is this funny meme! This is so you!” 

5. How to start a conversation with your crush who is dating someone

As this can be a sensitive situation, it’s natural for you to wonder, “Should I DM my crush on Instagram anyway if they are already in a relationship?” Remember, while there’s no harm in DM-ing someone who’s in a relationship, it’s important to be respectful while talking to them. Here are some examples:

  • “I’ve been trying to expand my music playlist with songs from different cultures. Can you share your recommendations? That would be helpful!” 
  • “I hear you’ve been exploring [place/activity] lately. That’s really cool! I’ve been interested in trying that out too. Any tips?”
  • “You and [their partner’s name] seem really happy. How did you two meet?”
More on crushes

6. How to start a conversation with your crush who has recently broken up

If your crush has recently gone through a breakup, they might be interested in friendship more than a new romantic interest. You will get to know if they’re healing from a broken heart by the way they respond. Here are some ways to offer support by talking to them in this scenario:

  • “I heard about your breakup and just wanted to check in. How are you holding up?”
  • “Breakups are tough. If you need someone to talk to, or even rant about your past, I’m here.”
  • “I know you’re going through a hard time. Can I bring you some ice cream and recommend a good movie? Anything that makes you smile again!” 

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7. How to start a conversation with your crush who has rejected you before

If you’ve been rejected by your crush in the past, it’s important to respect their feelings while also taking care of your own. It’s perfectly fine if you are feeling nervous or silly about starting a conversation with them. Are you wondering, “What should I text my crush to start a conversation if I want to win them over after being rejected in the past?” Here are some examples of talking to them in this scenario:

  • “I know things didn’t work out between us before, but I still value our friendship. How has life been treating you?” 
  • “It’s been a while since we talked. I’d love to catch up if you’re open to it.”
  • “I saw this funny meme and it reminded me of you. Thought it might make you smile.”

Don’t just keep asking yourself “What should I text my crush to start a conversation?” Life is too short! Use these tips to get the ball rolling right away! The most important thing is to be genuine, respectful, and attentive to the other person’s responses while talking to them. And don’t forget to compliment them. That’s the quickest way to make them smile!. Every conversation is a chance to learn more about your crush and to show them a bit more about you, even if it starts with small talk.

So, take a deep breath, summon your courage, and remember — the journey of a thousand miles with a person begins with a single ‘hello’. Good luck!

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