• July 19, 2024

Internet user’s ‘technique’ banishes all condensation from home in ‘minutes’

Though condensation often starts as a nuisance, it becomes problematic when other long-term complications develop, such as black mould.

Not only can black mould stains pose a risk to human health but they also decrease the value of homes when left unchecked.

Nevertheless, condensation and water build-ups continue to be a problem in British homes where old building materials and poorly built extensions trap water within the structure.

Studies have found that a staggering 5.8 million British renters are content with damp or donation problems at some point during their tenancy.

Posting on Reddit, one person claimed to have a simple solution that’s also free. They wrote: “In Germany, we have a technique called ‘Stoffluften’.

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“What that[…] means is that instead of having maybe one window open all day (which is a […] waste of energy), open several windows all over the house for three minutes.

“[…] [This creates] a draft to exchange most of the warm humid air inside the house with cold air from outside.

“A cool feature about cold air is that it can ‘hold’ less water vapour. If this relatively dry cold air enters your house, it warms up.”

As soon as its temperature rises it becomes capable of taking up the extra humidity in your house, the poster explained.

“This might sound a little weird at first but it is adopted in schools and so on. I use the technique and it works. Do this several times a day and you should see a change.”

The best time to open all the windows is after performing a task that creates high levels of humidity, such as cooking or showering.

An additional measure to speed up the process is closing the doors to the rest of the house, to stop humid air from moving into other rooms.

Karl Huckerby, a cleaning expert from Spare And Square, believes the technique is most effective when down twice a day – in the morning and before going to bed.

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