• July 21, 2024

Ketamine myths dispelled by clinic following Matthew Perry’s death

Mental health treatment center, the Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles (KCLA) said the storm surrounding the recently announced cause of death for the Friends actor and his reported use of ketamine at the time of his death has prompted its event taking place Friday (January 5) at 1pm PST.

Hosted by KCLA co-founders Dr Steven Mandel and Sam Mandel, the webinar will distinguish between the therapeutic uses for mental health and illicit uses of the FDA-approved medication. The two experts will also clarify details reported about Matthew Perry’s death and ketamine​.

However, the clinic wishes to specify it is speaking about Perry with no insider knowledge of his ketamine treatments or his personal life.

Matthew Perry’s mental health struggles 

“First and foremost, our reaction to the initial news of Perry’s passing was sadness. He shared publicly regarding his mental health struggles, and we send our deepest condolences to his family and friends,” said CEO Sam Mandel.

“Regarding the news of the toxicology report, we find it very frustrating and misleading that the spin doctors and media bias against ketamine​ have twisted this sad loss into another opportunity for ketamine bashing.

“Not only did Mr. Perry self-administer a sufficient dose to produce general anesthesia, more than ten times the amount given for depression, but he did so in combination with buprenorphine (an opioid) and a benzodiazepine (a sedative) while alone in a hot tub, and lost consciousness and drowned.”

Ketamine infusion therapy

Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles has pioneered an innovative mental health treatment known as Ketamine Infusion Therapy​ since 2014, and the Mandels say they are globally recognized as leading experts in the field.

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