• July 21, 2024

Q&A: Univar Solutions – sourcing and distributing pharma ingredients

As director of strategic growth and technical sales plus pharmaceutical ingredients, she has given us a comprehensive overview.

OSP: Can you tell me why the distribution and sourcing of pharmaceutical ingredients is so important?

MW:​ Interestingly, but not surprisingly, distribution got its start in ancient military times. Romans and Greeks used logistics and distribution channels to provide their armies with what was needed. After World War II, distribution as a separate business model took off as a way for suppliers to focus on producing as much of their raw materials as possible and get them into markets in large volumes in an efficient manner. The need for downpacking into smaller quantities quickly became obvious as much of the demand did not have the means to bring materials in by railcar or even truckload. Accessibility to essential raw materials drives economies.

Specific handling, storing, and shipping of materials based on each industry’s requirements meet the needs of the marketplace by helping suppliers move their raw materials for maximum reach while adhering to a variety of requirements in how those raw materials can be delivered to every type of application. Now, distribution has evolved to bring additional value from those who have achieved a level of logistical and supply chain expertise to help end market users focus on their core, while distributors focus on everything it will take to plan, move, and store the inventories they will need for production.

As a full-service distribution partner that leverages a supply chain with global access and has the assets for specialized local delivery, we own that last mile of delivery. By seamlessly bringing together our portfolio and services businesses, we are redefining pharmaceutical ingredient distribution by offering reliability, scalability, and innovation.

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