• July 21, 2024

Remove red wine carpet stains in just a few minutes using mum’s ‘unusual trick’

Red wine is one of the most stubborn carpet stains, and it’s often very hard to get out if not acted on immediately.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Laura Knight, said: “Help please! How do I get red wine out of a cream carpet? Thanks in advance.”

The post attracted more than 30 comments from other group members suggesting their tips and tricks.

Michela Vince commented: “I’ve heard if you pour white wine over it then you clean remove it with some soapy water.”

Harriet Nottadam wrote: “Throw some white wine on it, unusual trick but my mum recommended it a few years ago and it worked for me.”

Jackie Barrett said: “White wine works wonders on it, just gently pour it over.”

After gently pouring some white wine on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes before blotting the liquid with a cloth.

If you can still see the stain, some group members recommended adding a little baking soda to the mix.

It is the alcohol content in white wine which can help dissolve the red wine pigments, making them easier to remove.

This trick must be used before the stain has time to set as it may not work on ones which have been there for a while.

Other group members recommended using shaving foam to tackle any carpet stain.

Ffion Bloomfield commented: “I use the shaving foam hack. I have tried so many high street stain removers to get stains out of different areas around the house and they just won’t budge.

“I cannot believe the results I had with such a cheap and easy product – shaving foam.

“I used it on my carpet, mattresses and sofas, the stains vanished finally.”

Nicole Symonds commented: “Do you just rub it in and leave it?”

The Mrs Hinch fan replied: “Yep, it’s so easy. Leave for 10 minutes, check and rub it again. If it needs it, leave it for another 10 minutes before wiping it with a damp cloth.”

Shaving foam, which is a form of whipped foam, can help to penetrate and add moisture to carpet stains.

The cleaning fan recommended making sure the layer of shaving foam was at least one inch thick.

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