• July 19, 2024

Shiba Inu’s Surging MVRV Ratio Signals Upcoming Bull Run! Will SHIB Price Meet Buyers’ Demand?

As the market struggles in establishing a fresh uptrend, the meme coin sector has recently experienced a pause in its bullish momentum. Significantly, Shiba Inu encountered a setback at its resistance level, initiating a price correction. Nonetheless, a range of on-chain metrics presents bullish promises for the price of SHIB. As a result, analysts are anticipating the start of a new bullish cycle in the upcoming week.

Shiba Inu’s MVRV Surges

Based on information gathered by the Shibburn wallet tracker, which collects data from Etherscan, the Shiba Inu community has made significant moves in burning SHIB coins. As a result, approximately 20 billion SHIB tokens have been successfully removed from circulation.

Simultaneously, the development of the Shibarium layer-2 solution is touching new achievements. Despite this, SHIB price continues to struggle in forming a bullish pattern, resulting in low confidence among holders. Additionally, whales have been making big moves in recent weeks, creating a selling pressure near resistance levels. Data shows that 2.28 trillion Shiba Inu tokens ($23.58 million) were moved from Binance to an unknown wallet today.

However, amid this bearish news, the MVRV ratio holds bullish hopes. IntoTheBlock data suggests that Shiba Inu’s MVRV ratio has been on a rise since September. MVRV, or Market Value to Realized Value, is a ratio comparing a cryptocurrency’s current price to its realized price, calculated by dividing its market cap by its realized cap. Essentially, it assesses “Unrealized Profit” by showing how the current price compares to the average acquisition price of the coins or tokens.

Currently, the MVRV ratio for SHIB has risen to 0.55 from its previous low of 0.35. This upward trend in the MVRV ratio from lower levels suggests a shift in the SHIB market from undervaluation towards expected growth, possibly indicating the beginning of a bullish cycle.

What’s Next For SHIB Price?

Shiba Inu is currently experiencing a challenging war between buyers and sellers around its 20-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA). The price has been declining following rejection at $0.000012. As of writing, SHIB price trades at $0.00001075, declining over 2.7% from yesterday’s rate.

Currently, buyers are defending the price from dropping below the ascending support line. As sellers dominate near higher levels, buyers are finding it difficult to keep SHIB at resistance levels. Should sellers gain the advantage and pull the price below the support line, it’s possible that the SHIB price might decline to its crucial support at $0.000009.

For buyers to claim dominance, they need to effectively boost and hold SHIB’s value above the resistance range of $0.000012 to $0.0000135. Achieving this could shift the momentum in their favor. If the price rises above $0.000012, it might trigger a stronger rally, potentially reaching as high as $0.000016. However, the RSI below the midline suggests further correction for SHIB. 

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