• July 16, 2024

Three ways to use dehumidifiers over the festive period or risk ‘damp and mould’

1. Removing moisture from daily activities

Chris Michael, managing director of Meaco, said: “Hosting at Christmas means more people in the home and no doubt more cooking, too. The boiling or steaming of vegetables and increased showers are just two ways that moisture levels will increase over this period.

“Using an extractor fan and opening windows where possible can help, but you may well see condensation forming on the windows, which is the first sign of excessive indoor moisture.

“This will be followed by a damp smell – a result of fabrics absorbing the moisture – and perhaps water collecting on windowsills.

“These conditions set the ideal environment for mould to grow which can impact the fabric of the home and adversely impact people’s health.

“A dehumidifier will prevent this by removing the additional moisture in the air, leading to a damp and mould-free home.”

2. Fight winter bugs and keep the air clean

Catching colds or other viruses is common at this time of year, and as people gather inside over the festive period, these illnesses can easily spread.

Some dehumidifiers come with a HEPA filter, which means it will double up as an air purifier, making the air cleaner.

The expert said: “A HEPA filter traps most bacteria, pathogens, microbial spores, pollens, and some virus particles, which can be invaluable at a time when it seems difficult to avoid coughs and colds.

“Capturing harmful particles and circulating clean air will help keep everyone healthy.”

3. Dry laundry

Whether it’s clothes, towels or bedding, many people will have extra loads of laundry when hosting over the festive period.

According to the expert, the cost of running a tumble dryer is steep with the electricity prices, so opting for a dehumidifier can help.

He explained: “Many dehumidifiers have laundry modes that work at full speed in a six-hour window to dry your washing quicker, collecting the moisture in a water tank, before switching off to conserve electricity.

“This will allow you to get through your laundry faster and have the clothes horse out for as little time as possible while preventing the air’s moisture levels getting too high at home.”

Dehumidifiers can dry washing in as little as six hours when placed in a room with the door closed.

What’s more, they will also help to reduce mould from forming while the washing is drying too.

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