• July 16, 2024

Will Bitcoin ETFs Ignite a 2024 Bull Run or Collapse?

With the impending approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs, the cryptocurrency market is buzzing with speculations about Bitcoin’s fate in 2024. While optimism runs high regarding Bitcoin’s resurgence, prominent analysts have expressed concerns about the potential drawbacks associated with these ETFs.

Why Bitcoin Could Lose Value:

Ben Hunt’s Perspective:

Chief Investing Officer of Second Foundation, Ben Hunt, has voiced his concerns on social media platform X regarding the approval of Bitcoin’s spot ETFs. Hunt argues that these ETFs lack the anonymity that was originally intended for Bitcoin. He believes that the essence of “OG Bitcoin” was to serve as an anonymous currency, and spot ETFs undermine this purpose by placing control in the hands of institutional investment firms.

It’s worth noting that Hunt has been a consistent critic of Bitcoin, previously referring to it as ‘trading sardines’ due to its speculative trading nature, where rising prices are fueled by FOMO (fear of missing out).

Existential Crisis Potential:

Arthur Hayes, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency world, has also raised concerns about the existential threat posed to Bitcoin by the success of spot ETFs managed by traditional asset managers. The worry is that if these ETFs accumulate a substantial portion of available Bitcoin, it could jeopardize Bitcoin’s core functionality, which relies on constant usage and movement.

Large financial institutions holding Bitcoin through ETFs might not actively use the cryptocurrency, leading to a lack of transactions. This could result in miners being unable to cover the energy costs required to secure the network, potentially forcing them to shut down their mining operations. Such a scenario could ultimately lead to Bitcoin’s demise.


As the approval date for spot Bitcoin ETFs approaches, the cryptocurrency market is rife with both hope and apprehension. While some anticipate a potential bull run, others, like Ben Hunt and Arthur Hayes, warn of the challenges and risks that lie ahead. The impact of these ETFs on Bitcoin’s future remains uncertain, and market participants will be closely watching to see how events unfold in the coming year.

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