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Your Stolen iPhones Will Soon Be HARD To Break For Thieves: Here’s The Reason

Last Updated: December 13, 2023, 13:56 IST

Cupertino, California, USA

The iOS 17.3 beta gives us glimpse into the upcoming features

iPhones are popular among people and thieves which makes it vital that its security measures get a new layer of protection.

When your phone is stolen, the first thing you worry about is all the data stored on the device and the hassle that you have to face to get a new SIM card. But Apple is ready to make things tighter for iPhone users in the near future.

The company is working on the iOS 17.3 beta version which has a new feature called Stolen Device Protection which builds an extra layer of security in case your iPhone is pick-pocketed. The biggest security leverage that iPhone users will get after the next iOS 17 update is the use of Face ID or Touch ID authentication to allow anyone else to access your data or even reset the device.

Apple is taking the security level one step further by blocking a stranger’s access to your iCloud stored password which can have confidential details like bank passcodes and PIN number for your cards that help with quick one-access payments.

Reports say Apple has been concerned about recent incidents where stolen iPhones were bypassed using the 6-digit passcode that allows them to reset the device or make any other changes. But let’s say they are able to crack the code and bypass the security, Apple will lay down another series of authentication via Face ID or Touch ID which will be activated one hour after the device access is illegally attempted.

iPhones are popular among people which makes it equally attractive for thieves but Apple’s new focus on security against stolen iPhones could put an end to the thieves targeting iPhones, unless they manage to find a loophole to bypass these new upcoming security measures.

In the meanwhile, iOS 17.2 update was released for iPhone users this week, giving them new spatial video feature on the iPhone 15 Pro while all the models get the new Journal app and some more security improvements.

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