• July 16, 2024

How to get fluffy and soft towels after one wash: All you need is 3 items

It can be tricky to stop towels from becoming scratchy and stiff but it turns out most of us have been washing them the wrong.

Nancy Birtwhistle, a household expert known for having won the Great British Bake Off and her best-selling book Clean & Green, has shared that washing towels in fabric softener is what makes them hard. 

She said: “For many years I believed that regular use of fabric conditioners and softeners was the secret to soft fluffy towels. 

“Long before I realised synthetic chemical softeners were not only damaging to the environment and were becoming quite costly, 

“I learned that they can also create a chemical build-up in the densely interwoven fabric of most towels. Over time these will make towels stiffer and less fluffy.”

Overloading a washing machine with laundry and using too much detergent can also damage towels leading to them becoming hard and bristly over time.

You do not need to buy new towels as Nancy has shared that towels can be revived with just one wash using natural ingredients. 

How to restore towels to make them fluffy and soft again

You will need: 

  • Two tablespoons of washing soda
  • One tablespoon of liquid soap 
  • 125ml of white vinegar
  • A sunny and windy day 

All you have to do is add washing soda to the washing machine detergent drawer, liquid soap to the drum and then white vinegar to the fabric softener compartment.

Then place the towels on a regular wash and your towels will become much softer.

Washing soda can break down detergent residue which builds up in towels and also help remove hard water minerals which make towels stiff over time. 

Liquid laundry soap helps enhance the effectiveness of other softening agents and also contains conditioner agents to soften the towels as they wash. 

However, the secret to getting towels soft again is white vinegar, which can naturally remove any remaining soap residue and also relax the fibres so towels feel fluffier. 

Once the wash is complete take the towels outside and give them a good shake before hanging them outside to dry in the sun. 

Nancy said: “Have you ever noticed that your towels feel soft and fluffy when they have dried outside on a windy day? This is because the pile has been lifted by the constant agitation of the fibres by the wind.” 

Your towels will be noticeably fluffier once again, helping to cut down on waste and save money as you will not have to throw away any scratchy towels ever again. 

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