• July 21, 2024

Is behavioral science key to patient-focused drug development?

Last year, Astellas Pharma established a behavioral science consortium to perform research aimed at better understanding what matters to patients and their carers, findings that will be channeled into drug development. Health organizations are developing a keen interest in behavioral science too. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently appealed for experts to join its global Technical Advisory Group on Behavioral Sciences, as part of research into the global impact of behaviorally-informed health interventions. 

To dig deeper into the science, OSP’s senior editor Liza Laws (LL) spoke to William Hind (WH), founder and CEO of Alpharmaxim, and Lisa Campbell (LC), a former regulator and now senior director at SSI Strategy Global Life Sciences Consultancy. The interview provides new insight into behavioral science’s scope in pharma, shaping drug discovery and development and optimally positioning medicinal breakthroughs for patients.

LL: Thanks so much for talking to us about this important topic, could you say a bit more about yourselves and why behavioral science has become a focus for you?

WH:​ I’ve spent my career in sales, marketing, and business development in the pharmaceutical industry, including roles at Merck and various communications agencies. I founded Alpharmaxim to help biopharma teams communicate more effectively about new medicines or alternative treatment regimens and their potential to improve the patient experience, supported by relevant scientific evidence. I believe in the science of behavioral change and its potential to transform the way we build new narratives about emerging treatments.

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