• July 21, 2024

SBI and Saudi Aramco Forge a Pioneering Partnership in Digital Asset Investments

SBI, Japan’s leader in cryptocurrency finance, and Saudi Aramco, the global oil giant, have embarked on a groundbreaking journey together. They are exploring the potential of mutual investments in each other’s digital asset portfolios.

Setting Up Shop: SBI’s Plan with Saudi Aramco

SBI is taking a bold step by establishing a SBI Middle East in Riyadh. This new venture aims to introduce Japanese digital asset startups into the Saudi market, bridging the gap between Japanese innovation and Middle Eastern investment potential. 

The partnership, which was announced on December 7, goes beyond mere financial exchanges. They plan to collaborate on various technology projects, including constructing semiconductor factories in Japan and Saudi Arabia. These ventures underscore the broad scope of their collaboration, merging cutting-edge technology with strategic investments.

Three Pillars of the Partnership

The collaboration between SBI and Saudi Aramco is built on three key areas. Firstly, they will jointly invest and collaborate in the digital asset field. Secondly, they aim to identify and support Japanese startups specializing in digital assets for expansion into Saudi Arabia. Lastly, they plan to establish semiconductor manufacturing facilities in both countries, symbolizing a significant leap in technology exchange and cooperation.

While Saudi Arabia may not be the first name that springs to mind when thinking of cryptocurrency hotspots in the Middle East, it’s quickly catching up. This growth comes despite the absence of a formal regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies in Saudi Arabia. However, recent movements, including the appointment of a crypto chief at the Saudi Central Bank, suggest a warming stance towards digital assets.

The Focus

The partnership’s focus on digital assets, as opposed to cryptocurrencies, hints at a broader scope. This could potentially include tokenization, a field where SBI has already made significant strides. Point is, the possibilities of what SBI and Saudi Aramco could achieve together in this domain are intriguing.

Saudi Aramco’s foray into blockchain technology isn’t new. The company has invested in several blockchain-based solutions like VAKT, a post-trade solution for the oil sector, and Data Gumbo, known for enhancing operational efficiencies.

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