• July 21, 2024

“Virat Kohli Has Created A Culture Of Fitness In The Team” – Strength And Conditioning Coach Ankit Kaliyar

Ankit Kaliyar, a strength and conditioning coach with the BCCI, commended Virat Kohli for prioritizing fitness as a top parameter in Indian cricket during his captaincy. Kaliyar highlighted that Kohli set an example of fitness within the team, influencing other players.

Virat Kohli showcased remarkable fitness through his agile fielding and swift running between the wickets in the recent World Cup. The 35-year-old scored 765 runs in 11 matches, spending a total of 19 hours and 56 minutes at the crease in hot and humid conditions.

Virat Kohli Injects Confidence In Others – Ankit Kaliyar

In a discussion with The Times of India, Ankit Kaliyar underscored that Virat Kohli’s impact has played a pivotal role in cultivating a team culture where fitness is not just a personal choice.

“Virat is a leading example when it comes to fitness. He has created a culture of fitness in the team. When your top player is so fit, then you become an example for others. He injects confidence in others. When he was the captain, he ensured everyone remained fit,” Kaliyar told TOI.

“Fitness was his top parameter in the team. He has created that culture and discipline in the team. That atmosphere was created by Virat bhai, and it’s a commendable thing. He is the reason why all the Indian players are so fit,” he added.

“Fitness has always been a top priority for me. It is not just about being a professional athlete — it is also about leading a healthy and fulfilling life. My fitness routine is quite comprehensive, and I make sure to dedicate time every day to stay in top condition,” Virat Kohli told Indian Express.

“Yes, I do enjoy good food, and I must admit, being a Punjabi, I have a soft spot for some delicious and hearty dishes. Chole bhature is an all-time favourite for me and whenever I have the chance, I indulge in a fulfilling plate of chole bhature. So, while I do treat myself to such dishes occasionally, I make sure to follow a strict diet to stay in shape,” he added.

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